• Opticlines is a leading manufacturer of visible and IR optical components.
    Manufacturing processes include : spherical generating,
    flat plane generating, edge process ...
    The techniques used for these operations range
    from high-speed production to fine hand finishing by master opticians.
    The equipment capability to provide custom,
    some-dimensional shapes of fabricated optical components
    for integration into custom frames.

  • Materials

    • Glass : BK-7, Fused Silica
    • Sapphire
    • IR Materials : Ge, Si, ZnSe, ZnS


  • Opticlines utilizes various polishing equipment
    for a precision generating and a polishing of various optics,
    including on a variety of spindle polishers,
    double-sided polishers, and various sized planetary polishers.
    In addition, opticlines has an extensive capability
    for hand finishing of unique crystals.

  • Applications

    • S/D : 10/5 ~ 60/40
    • Flatness : λ/10, λ/8, λ/4, λ/2
    • window, prism, lens, sapphire


  • Opticlines is a recognized leader in the application of visible
    and infrared thin film coatings for a wide variety of substrate materials.
    Opticlines' coatings have been proven to withstand a variety of hostile
    environmental conditions such as severe abrasion,
    including the windshield wiper test, salt-water submersion, rain erosion,
    missile exhaust, humidity, and salt fog.

  • Material

    • Dielectric such as HfO2,
    • SiO2, Ta2O5, ZrO2...
    • Metallic elements such as
      Ge, Ag, Cu, Al, Cr, Au...

    Required Layers

    • AR : several ~ dozens
    • HR : several tens layers
    • IBS : > several tens

Quality & TEST

  • Provide quality through planning, control, improvement
    and shared experience.
    Focus on rigorous, unrelenting discipline throughout the entire
    engineering process and emphasize total customer satisfaction.
    Develop common initiatives and drive for continuous improvement.
    Optimize supplier and product quality through early development
    participation and eliminate defects through process control,
    product robustness, operator involvement.

  • Quality & TEST
  • Quality & TEST
  • Intensity Spectrometer

    Point Resolution
    Thin Film

    Jig -Continuum
    (UV ~ IR)

  • Interferometrics

    Mirror Position, Original Aperture,
    Laser Power, Light Damping

  • Quality & TEST